Thursday, February 14, 2013

Full steam ahead

Thankyou for all your comments on my last post asking for help on the curb appeal. If you haven't already seen it it is here

I want to especially thanks Fiona at Inkyprints Originals  she had some great thoughts and with a few images I found on PinInterest  I have been doing some planning.
I think what Fiona made me realise was that I was trying to over complicate and over think things ( as usual)
By taking a more elegant and simple approach I could actually have a lot of impact without to many signs and clutter.
I also totally agreed about the facebook sign being awful.  Its amazing how you can look but you cant see, especially when you see something every day

 With words provided by the super helpful Maxine I started to have a play with my PC and I have mocked up some signs and put them on my office wall to live with a while and see what I want to do. At the moment I see it painted on wood planks or a pallette

I collected a  load of colour swatches from B&Q and have put my favourite swatches together to see what colours I like.  What I cant decide it whether to distress the paint work or go for a very clean paint job.  At the end of the day it may just come down to how I am able to actually physically paint it. as I will have to make them myself to keep the cost down.

I cant tell you how excited I am, that I finally have a idea that may be useable and as usualy the fabulous art and craft online community has helped me out

Janice x


  1. I like the idea of the distressed look or a simple wash. I think these would be the easiest and probably cheapest ones to do and they look good on old wood or pallets, especially if the signs are to be placed outdoors.
    I love the suggestion of the old fashioned hand pointing the way.
    Jan x

  2. I love your ideas Janice and am sure it will look great whichever style you choose - the lightly distressed look is also elegant and very appealing - I look forward to seeing the results of your hard work. I am touched by the thanks - I love how supportive this online art and craft community is and it is great to be able to participate. :)

  3. Whatever you do, it should enhance not distract from the message. I haven't read all the comments on your previous post, so don't know whether I'm doubling up .. but for what it's worth I suggest the following two points:
    1) Add the word 'anytime' so that people know that lessons in progress aren't an issue
    2) Leave off the words 'come in' - a good strong arrow in your direction says the same thing. So I'd say
    You are welcome anytime to watch the artist's work (or maybe ... watch the artist at work?) followed by that unmistakable arrow pointing to where you want them

  4. Thanks fab new comments all very usefu x

  5. I think it is easier to read the sign that is not all in capitals, if that helps at all!